Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Goodyear Issue

Well, I know that this is probably a little bit on the side of "old news," but it is STILL a valid issue. According to my interpretation of, the drivers didn't like the tires that were used a couple races ago, and Goodyear didn't like the bad-press.

Okay, it is Goodyear's stance that they will put safety first. That, in all honesty should be their primary focus. It is the driver's stance that they want to race. That should also be one of their top two goals.

It seems to me that the drivers are upset about not having a greater input on the tire choice for the races. Goodyear seems to have their backs up about the criticism about their choices for the races. So, what is the compromise? How about giving them both a little so that everyone is more pleased?

Here's the idea; what if Goodyear chooses three or four different tires to race on, and the teams drive on each of them during their practice laps? They can all pit at the same time so that they all have equal numbers of laps on each tire, and everyone can be running the same tire at the same time? After practice, the drivers vote for the tire they like best. The tire with the most votes gets used.

It seems only fair to me. What about you?


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