Thursday, April 17, 2008

Drug Testing in NASCAR

As usual, this is the latest topic to stir the pot of the NASCAR scene. The whole thing is based on the fact that a lesser known driver made a mistake and plead to a lesser charge in exchange for criticizing NASCAR's drug testing policy. I believe that quoted him as saying something to the effect that the current policy was outdated.

Let's put this into perspective, shall we? When NASCAR is compared to other "mainstream" professional sports, it's policy is a little bit old. BUT, when compared to the need, the current policy is sufficient. The current need of the non-motorsports leagues is to keep the playing field even. That's why they have to have a more stringent policy than NASCAR. Having said that, I do feel that NASCAR should modify their policy slightly.

What I am suggesting is not really anything big, costly or invasive. I simply think that NASCAR should add a requirement to their crash-clearance protocol. Since it is already a policy that any driver that is involved in a crash during a race needs to be checked out at the in-field care-center before they are cleared to race, why don't they just add a drug and alcohol test as well? Who knows, it may even lower their(NASCAR's) insurance premiums a bit.

What solutions do you suggest?


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