Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Future of D4D in NASCAR Racing

So, do women and minorities have a future in the driver's seat of NASCAR? That is the question to be answered.

As it stands right now, NASCAR has a "Drive for Diversity" (D4D) program that is suppose to offer women and minorities exposure in the league. Currently, I am unaware of any effort on NASCAR's part to go out and actively recruit women and minority drivers for this program. It would appear that the recruitment is left up to the teams. In my opinion, if that is so, it just is not right.

I believe that every effort should be taken by NASCAR's management to actively seek out these so-called desired drivers and provide them with some opportunity to become exposed to some of the premier teams.

NASCAR's attempts to date, in my opinion, have been little more than token overtures. There does not seem to be any advertising for this program, except when it is mentioned in passing by one of the reporters who covers NASCAR. There are not many stories on what is happening on the D4D front. It was difficult to find requirements and qualifications to apply for a D4D spot(last time I cruised around, anyway.) Given the level of inadequacy displayed by NASCAR, it would seem within the realm of possibility that NASCAR's sole reason for "supporting" women and minorities in their sport would be to be politically correct. That is just sad.

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